Values To Our Customers


Surgical instrument lease

lease concepts for clients to help in reducing the cost of upfront investment in surgical instruments.

Improve Core business for Hospitals/Clinics

Outsourcing CSSD operation to a private specialized operator will allow the hospital to focus on the core business.

Surgical sets standardization

Through our experience and know-how, InnovaArabia will help clients to minimize the cost of operation and speed up the performance inside the OR.

Track the Surgical Instruments

Our Information Technology system enables Innova Arabia to laser the surgical instruments with Barcodes which will allow the management to track all instruments, which minimizes the lost instruments inside and outside the ORs.

Improve Quality

Our expertise in sterilization and through following Local and international standards, will provide our clients with the quality that minimizes surgical infection, Turn Around Time and Cost.

Surgical Instrument maintenance

Our operational staff will monitor the quality of the surgical instrument on a daily basis and provide ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for all surgical instruments, which will guarantee keeping the instrument in the best conditions.

Minimize the cost and/or provide revenue

Our efficient operation with advanced IT system and highly trained staff with 40 years of experience allow us to minimize the cost of individual CSSD and probably generate revenues through outsourcing sterilization for other facilities.

Allow better space utilization

Our outsourced locations will allow the hospitals/clinics to utilize this space for revenue-generating activities.

Equipment maintenance replacement

During the term of operation, InnovaArabia will maintain the CSSD fully operational through fast maintenance for all equipment and replacing the non-functional ones.

Lower the cost of manpower

With InnovaArabia operation plans, by closing or operating the CSSD, there will be no cost of The manpower of the CSSD and reduce the cost of overhead administrative work.